Focusing Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Training Program

For therapists and healing professionals.

An Embodied and Relational Approach to Unwinding Stress and Trauma

Learning Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Therapy:
The Focusing-Oriented training program is a two-year Continuing Education Program for therapists and healing professionals wanting to embark on self-discovery and understanding, as well as bring a profound new tool to their healing practice. The training program starts with an initial-workshop to introduce Focusing, then is followed by four workshops to complete the first year.

Applying Focusing-Oriented Therapy to working with complex trauma:
The second year of my FOTCT program builds on the solid foundation of skills learned in the first year, while adding depth to your understanding of Focusing and its application for unwinding chronic stress and trauma. It comprises five workshops, building on the solid foundation of skills learned in the first year, and adding depth to your understanding of Focusing as a process of change. A solid foundation of Focusing experience is required to participate.

Focusing certification demonstrates a level of learning and application, qualifies you to teach Focusing, and establishes you as part of a growing worldwide community of like-minded people bringing change to the world!

I am a certifying coordinator through the Focusing Institute. I have been approved to design this training program which provides a path for people to become certified in the field of Focusing. The International Focusing Institute offers two categories of certification. One is for psychotherapists (Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist) and the other is for anyone else who would like to complete a certification program so that they may teach Focusing (Certified Focusing Professional).

Training program details for 2017-2018

Focusing Year One: For Therapists and Healing Professionals

In the first year (5-weekend workshops) training program, you will learn and practice Focusing and how to bring Focusing deeply into your life and clinical practice. You will gain access to the rich inner wisdom that unfolds as you find Presence in your own life, and then how to facilitate a Focusing-Oriented approach to healing with others. After the initial workshop, those wanting to complete the full year program will need to commit to the four following workshops of the five workshop series.

The workshop series starts in the fall with Focusing One: Self In Presence, where you receive an introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy.This introduction is truly a profound experience. You will gain access to the rich inner wisdom that unfolds as you find Presence in your own life, and then how to facilitate a Focusing-Oriented approach to healing with others. After completing the first workshop, you may register and continue on through the full year program.



Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) and Healing Year One Workshop dates: 2017-2018

Focusing 1: October 28th and 29th, or November 11th and 12th Registration Open!
Focusing 2: January 13th and 14th
Focusing 3: March 17th and 18th
Focusing 4: May 5th and 6th
Focusing 5: June 30th and July 1st

Pricing structure:

FOT One: $325.00 for early or $375 for standard registration.
FOT Two through Five: $375.00 for registration when paying for individual workshops.
Package deal: $1,300.00 ($325.00 ea.) for FOT Two through Five when paying for all four
together. (That’s $200.00 off the price for individual workshops!)

*each course merits 12 CEUs

Required Reading:
Focusing in Clinical Practice by Ann Weiser Cornell
The Radical Acceptance of Everything by Ann Weiser Cornell
Focusing Oriented-Psychotherapy: A Manual of the Experiential Method by Eugene Gendlin

“After taking Jeffrey’s classes, I was immediately able to incorporate Focusing into my practice. What I appreciated most was the accepting and compassionate methods used to help patients be with what would normally feel unbearable. Using the new language I learned, I was able to be more facilitative in helping patients listen to and trust their own body’s wisdom. This allowed us both to peer through the doorway of their illness, be receptive to what their body was showing us and gain fresh insight into what was needed for healing.”
-Dawn Flynn, ND, LAC, Medical Director
Vita Wellness and Recovery

Year Two: Advanced Training in Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma (FOTCT)

In the second year (5-workshops) of the full training program, trauma is explored through the understanding of personal experience, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, mythology, and native spirituality. This year you learn how to effectively and safely work with regressed and dissociative states, embodied, vicarious, and multi-generational trauma while continuing to deepen your Focusing-Oriented therapy and healing skills.

Our work together will include:

Learning to work effectively and safely with embodied, vicarious, multi-generational trauma. You will deepen your understanding of neuroscience and Focusing-Oriented healing skills.
Learning to “read the body” of a client and smoothly dip in and out of trauma spots without re-traumatization. Deepen skills and integrate the transformational process into your life and work.

A commitment of 5 workshops is required. This requirement promotes a safe environment for the richly relational work, and allows me to tailor the material to the unique needs of the group.

Training format:

We will be reflecting on our own experience of trauma as well as learning from readings, presentations, demonstrations, experiential exercises, group work, movement and FOT sessions with each other.

Workshop dates at my Vashon Island studio:

Workshop dates: 2017-2018

FOTCT 1: September 23 rd and 24 th , 2017
FOTCT 2: December 9 th and 10 th , 2017
FOTCT 3: February 10 th and 11 th , 2018
FOTCT 4: April 14 th and 15 th , 2018
FOTCT 5: June 2 nd and 3 rd , 2018

Teaching Focusing: (Required for certification)
September 9 th and 10 th , 2017 or September 8 th and 9 th , 2018

New pricing structure:

FOTCT 1 through 5: $425.00 per individual workshops.
Package deal: $1,825.00 ($365.00 ea.) for workshops 1 through 5 when paying for all
five together. (That’s $300.00 off the price for individual workshops!)

Teaching Focusing: $425.00

Required reading:

Theory and Practice of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Beyond the Talking Cure and
Emerging Practice in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: Innovative Theory and Applications
Both edited by Greg Madison
The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
Additional articles will be provided.
Additional articles will be provided.

Certification through the International Focusing Institute:
Most students begin thinking about certification sometime during their second year program. Certification requires the additional workshop: Teaching Focusing.

Introduction and Overview:
Focusing certification demonstrates a level of learning and application, qualifies you to teach Focusing, and establishes you as part of a growing worldwide community of like- minded people bringing change to the world! With certification, therapists will become Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists and non-therapists will become Certified Focusing Professionals or Certified Focusing Trainers.

Some of the many benefits are:
Competency as a professional and trainer who is qualified to teach Focusing in your own distinctive way. Teaching Focusing allows for an additional source of income and a way to market your practice.
A listing in the directory published by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) for referrals for your practice and trainings.

Distinction within The International Focusing community as having achieved a standard of proficiency and understanding needed to contribute to carrying Focusing into the world in your unique way.
Belonging to a community dedicated to peace, wellness, healing, forward thought, and diversity.

Beginning the process:

Most people will begin to think about certification after the first year of training. Before beginning the second year, you will need to become a Trainer in Training through The International Focusing Institute. Some may wait until after the second year training to pursue certification. In any case, the first step of the process begins with contacting me and discussing your interest.

Three major components:

There are several components to certification. The following is an overview of the process and expectations to provide direction while allowing your personal Focusing to guide how you integrate Focusing into your practice and teaching.

  • Mentorship with me (this includes three self-assessment sessions and the creation of a Focusing Vita)
  • Self directed learning, project formation, and completion
  • Bring Focusing into the world through your practice, giving talks, teaching and community building