Individual Guided Focusing Sessions

An easy first step

An individual guided Focusing session is an easy first step to experiencing the benefits of Focusing. In a session I will gently guide you through the Focusing process and assist you in exploring something that wants your attention, or you can invite a nagging issue you know you want to work on.

The Benefits:

  • Get beyond feeling stuck.
  • Feel relief from worry or sadness.
  • Discover new dimensions to old problems.
  • Learn more about Focusing by experiencing it.

The Experience:

  • A Focusing session is an experience of deep contact with yourself.
  • You are guided to be with your emotions (instead of being caught up in them), leading to greater calm and more resources to deal with your issues.
  • You make contact with your bodily felt senses, which are doorways into fresh energy and new steps in your life.
  • You experience a compassionate inner relationship with your emotional states and felt senses, which allows even the most stuck places to begin to shift and change.

A guided Focusing session is not therapy

Unlike in therapy, you don’t have to say much about what you’re Focusing on for it to be effective. That is because Focusing goes to the heart of the process of the situation—not about the content or story involved. You only have to share as much as you like. I’ll help you with the rest. There is no need for another session unless that feels right to you. Many healing professionals like Focusing sessions because they are learning Focusing at the same time they are benefiting from it. A guided Focusing session can be arranged in person or over the phone. Yes, Focusing can work very easily right from the comfort of your home or office.

Schedule a guided Focusing session

Contact me with your questions or to schedule either an in-person or over-the-phone session. The fee for a Guided Focusing Session is $120.