Focusing comes from a new philosophy that offers a different way of experiencing any activity. Focusing can be combined with everything from psychotherapy to body work to spirituality to creating a better world!  The best place to start learning about Focusing is at the International Focusing Institute website.

Focusing Resources

The International Focusing Institute:

The Focusing Institute is located in Spring Valley, New York. Its mission is to make Focusing available to the academic and scholarly communities and to the public at large. Their website offers a comprehensive array of how Focusing is being used around the world. It also provides an online library of Dr. Gendlin’s (founder of Focusing) writings.

On combining Focusing and other healing modalities:

Focusing is combinable with so many different ways of working with people. Check it out!

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy:

The International Association of Focusing-Oriented Therapists (IAFOTs) is the worldwide organization of certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists. They offer psychotherapy and training based upon the experiential practice of Focusing and the philosophy of implicit experience.

Focusing Resources:

Focusing Resources is located in Berkley, California and is the work of Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing Coordinator, author and master teacher. Her website is dedicated to offering Focusing sessions, workshops and a training program that leads to becoming a Certified Focusing Practitioner. I have studied with Ann since 2003, and became a Certified Focusing Trainer in 2006 through her program. I am currently part of her Certification training team.

Centre for Focusing-Oriented Therapy:

This is an association of therapists, practitioners, and trainers who have graduated from one of Shirley Turcotte’s Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma Programs. She is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her work in the field of Complex Trauma and with Aboriginal people is legendary. I became a Certifying Coordinator in 2012 by completing an advanced training program in Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma.

Additional Resources

Seattle University’s Master of Arts in Psychology Existential-Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology (MAP):

This program looks at how people live their lives and create meaning out of their experiences. I moved to Seattle in 1984 to attend the MAP program and graduated in 1986. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I am currently on the MAP advisory board.

Seattle Counselors

The Seattle Counselors Association is a non-profit professional community of mental health providers serving the entire Puget Sound region. They are a networking organization for counselors and provide referrals for people looking for a counselor.

I am a past president of the organization (2009-2010).

Puget Sound Adlerian Society:

The Puget Sound Adlerian Society is an affiliate member of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. Their mission is to nurture dignity for all by encouraging democratic relationships and a sense of belonging. I am a long standing member and have attended many ongoing psychology workshops. They are the best resource for parenting classes in the Puget Sound region.

Washington Mental Health Counselors Association:

This is a professional organization of mental health care professionals dedicated to improving the quality of care. Their website offers many resources for mental health professionals. I am a long time member.

Russel Delman:

Russell Delman offers seminars, retreats, training programs and consultation dedicated to human transformation through the unfolding of awareness at all levels: physical, mental, relational and spiritual. Russell guides individuals, groups, and businesses internationally.