Working with Complex Trauma: Year Two

Advanced Training in Focusing-Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma (FOTCT)

This is the second year of my FOTCT program designed for therapists and other healing professionals. It comprises five workshops, building on the solid foundation of skills learned in the first year, and adding depth to your understanding of Focusing as a process of change. A solid foundation of Focusing experience is required to participate.

Our work together will include:

Learning how to effectively and safely work with embodied, vicarious, and multi- generational trauma while continuing to deepen your Focusing-Oriented therapy and healing skills. Trauma will be explored through the understanding of neuroscience, Gendlin’s philosophy and psychology, mythology, and native spirituality. Participants will learn to “read the body” of a client and smoothly dip in and out of trauma spots without re-traumatization. You will deepen your skills and integrate this transformational process into your life and work. This advanced training requires a commitment to all five workshops. This will promote a safe environment for this richly relational work and will allow me to tailor the material to the unique needs of the group.

Training format:

We will be reflecting on our own experience of trauma as well as learning from readings, presentations, demonstrations, experiential exercises, group work, movement and FOT sessions with each other.

Workshop dates at my Vashon Island studio:

Workshop dates: 2017-2018

FOTCT 1: September 23rd and 24th , 2017
FOTCT 2: December 9th and 10th , 2017
FOTCT 3: February 10th and 11th , 2018
FOTCT 4: April 14th and 15th , 2018
FOTCT 5: June 2nd and 3rd , 2018

Teaching Focusing: (Required for certification)
September 9th and 10th , 2017 or September 8th and 9th, 2018

New pricing structure:

FOTCT 1 through 5: $425.00 per individual workshops.
Package deal: $1,825.00 ($365.00 ea.) for workshops 1 through 5 when paying for all
five together. (That’s $300.00 off the price for individual workshops!)

Teaching Focusing: $425.00


Workshop Series Overview

This series of workshops provides an overview of various aspects of trauma and how to work with trauma in a clinical setting. It is offered when there is sufficient interest from those who have completed all four workshops in my Focusing for Therapy & Healing training and are ready to take the next step in this unique and transformational work with clients. While it is designed for therapists and healing professionals, others may attend with permission. Participants must commit to all four workshops. This builds trust and safety within the group—deepening everyone’s experience.

Year Two Workshop Benefits

  • Each workshop is approved for 12 continuing education units.
  • Each workshop comes with supporting learning materials and a recommended reading list.

You Will:

  • Learn how to safely work with trauma so clients don’t become emotionally overwhelmed or go numb.
  • Learn how to “dip into and out of” trauma memories without re-traumatizing clients.
  • Discover how to shift treatment form PTSD to post-traumatic growth.
  • Recognize how to work with a client’s critical process so you can help them access their core vulnerability.
  • Develop awareness of vicarious and multi-generational trauma and how to help clients let go of what is not theirs.
  • Attune yourself to body cues and the speechless aspects of embodied trauma.
  • Explore your experience of relational presence and the transference relationship.
  • Deepen your understanding of the theory of personality change inherent in Focusing-Oriented Therapy.

I teach each of these Focusing workshops in small, supportive groups at my professional studio in an idyllic setting on Vashon Island, Wa. See photos of my Vashon Island studio.

Are you ready to become a certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist or Focusing Professional?

You can begin your certification process in Focusing-Oriented Therapy or as a Focusing Professional after you have completed the level four workshop with any Inner Relationship (IR) Focusing teacher or with my permission. My Focusing Certification Program is for those who love Focusing and realize its contribution to a healthier world.