Introduction to Focusing

Introduction to Focusing

Introduction to Focusing – a powerful technique for personal transformation

Focusing is a mindful and body-centered self awareness skill for growth and healing. It is both a simple and complex matter of holding an open, non-judging attention to the feeling your body holds about a situation. If you need an Introduction to Focusing, we’re here to guide you!

Focusing is a natural, innate skill that was discovered, not invented. People are born with the ability to know how they feel from moment to moment. Over time though, most of us lose trust in the wisdom of our bodies and feelings. It’s important that we relearn this skill of deep listening. 

Focusing emerged from research in psychotherapy

In the early 1960s, Professor Eugene Gendlin, at the University of Chicago, began to research the question, “Why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, and not for others?” He and his colleagues studied thousands of recorded therapy sessions.

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