Focusing Level Four – May 16-17, 2015

Focusing Level Four – May 16-17, 2015

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In the Focusing Level Four workshop you’ll develop a compassionate approach to inner critics, thoughts and distractions, and resistance. You’ll learn what to do when your Focusing companion or client feels nothing or too much. You’ll be able to identify when different parts of a client’s process are interfering. For example, “I hate the part of me that always gives in” involves a part that gives in and a part that hates it for doing so. This is so important in addressing complex issues and trauma. Each part or aspect of the whole experience needs to be listened to and given a chance to unwind.

How Focusing Helps Therapists and Healing Professionals

Focusing is combinable with any form of therapy and makes it more effective. It will help you to

  • Unwind your own trauma
  • Learn about your own protective strategies
  • Look at your own bonding patterns
  • Access the wisdom of your body
  • Track and work with transference and counter transference in the therapeutic relationship
  • Tune into your own felt senses, allowing you to bring more presence to your client interactions
  • Learn how to ‘hold space’ for clients so that they can show up and be just how they need to be in the moment

Jeffrey Morrison is a Focusing-oriented therapist and Certified Focusing Coordinator through the Focusing Institute. Learn more about Jeffrey.

Workshop Benefits 

  • This workshop is approved for 10 continuing education units.
  • A manual and supporting learning materials are included.
  • You’ll learn how to incorporate these exciting new Focusing skills in your personal life and your professional practice.
  • I offer assistance with establishing Focusing partners outside of workshops for continued learning.
  • If you choose to complete all four levels of Focusing, you may do so at a pace that meets your needs.
  • I teach each of these Focusing workshops in small, supportive groups at my professional studio in an idyllic setting on Vashon Island, Wa. 
  • After you have completed the four Focusing workshops, you are eligible to take my Focusing for Complex Trauma Training.

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