FOT Q&A: During the holidays I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose. How can I change that?

FOT Q&A: During the holidays I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose. How can I change that?
Jeffrey Morrison Therapy

Good question! It starts with a pause….

We are bombarded with information, requests and internal dialogue that never seems to stop. We become distracted, anxious and ungrounded. We lose touch with our own natural ability to be present and sense how we feel in a given situation.

If we can simply pause and notice how we are in any given moment that gives us information we lacked just a moment before. In the act of pausing we begin to listen to our own experience. We begin to listen to our body and its GPS system for orienting our awareness.

All mindfulness is pausing and shifting the focus of our awareness from the left hemisphere of our brain to the right hemisphere. Both hemispheres have amazing operating systems, and each accomplishes different things. Healthy living requires both sides to be integrated and accessible. We are so busy managing information, working and doing in our left hemisphere way of being, that we risk being cut off from what the other half of our brain is richly trying to tell us.

Focusing is a deliberate pausing and turning toward our right hemispheres’ take on the world. This is a slower embodied sensing, feeling, and noticing of implicit emerging experience. Implicit knowing is a different kind of living process and awareness. It needs time to come into focus. Focusing is the natural way we can listen to our bodily knowing and bring it into focus, thus making it explicit and actionable. We have two brains in one container, and we might as well learn to use them both!

To help you take this to the next step, I am offering a new course that will teach you to embrace this pause, listen deeply to yourself and in so doing find an ease you might not have thought possible in the midst of your holiday pressures.

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